Wetland Conservation

The largest land use of this project is a nature conservancy in the environmentally sensitive watershed of Starkweather Creek. This approximately 32 acre area, adjacent to  City-owned Starkweather Conservation Park, includes two ponds and wetlands providing safe habitat for local wildlife, assistance in regulating stormwater flooding, and a healthy ecosystem. This area will also provide educational and citizen-science opportunities. A water testing limnology center will enable scientists to monitor the creek and pond for pollutants including phosphorus, chlorides, and PFAS. Trails and vantage points will offer birdwatching, nature walking, urban pollinator space, and the ability for residents and the community at large to better commune with nature. Finally, a City-planned bike path, after crossing Milwaukee Street, will run along the East side of Starkweather Creek through this area to connect with existing paths near Highway 30.