Core Values


Community, justice, and environmental health through co-created, intentional living.


To create a diverse, intentional community on the 65-acre former Voit Farm in Madison, Wisconsin. We are committed to honoring the ancestral roots of this soil while modeling a new paradigm of how people can live, share, travel, and consume together, which enables all ecosystems to thrive. Together, we will build a radically inclusive community that creates housing, food and economic security for all.


Collaboratively purchase,  develop, and preserve a 65-acre parcel of land within the City limits of Madison, Wisconsin.

Increase homeownership for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and support their acquisition of generational wealth.

Provide affordable, sustainable housing for families and individuals of diverse abilities, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Provide food and economic opportunity by planting, cultivating and harvesting agricultural crops and managing pastured livestock for local consumption, sale at markets, and donation to food banks.

Provide green space commons, accessible to the surrounding community for recreation, spiritual growth, and education.

Restore, protect, and conserve wetlands, perennial pasture, and other natural components of the parcel, for their ecosystem services and for their own right.

Serve as a model for building a coalition of stakeholders with unique needs, skills, and resources who come together to fulfill their own goals, as well as the goals of the City as a whole, to benefit the broader community.