Action Teams

Consider joining one of the Action Teams, which meet in small groups to work on specific subjects. Email to join.


The Communications Action Team works on external and internal communications such as: website and social media content, messaging, media interviews, advertising (such as lit drops & yard signs), donor and investor relations, improving group agreements & processes, sending out meeting agendas/minutes, and reaching out to the community and elected officials. Help spread the word about Save the Farm!

Diversity / Inclusion

The Diversity/Inclusion Action Team aims to create a space to discuss, prioritize, equalize and align racial, economic, social, and humanist based values into the initiative when and after the Voit Farm land in Madison, WI is purchased. This platform will help build a bridge of inclusion and accessibility versus exclusion and privilege for finding new and innovative ways to bring affordable housing, urban agricultural and environmental sustainability through purchase and community development of Voit Farm.

Grants / Concept Plan

The Grants/Concept Plan team has two objectives: to bring in more financial resources to clarify the details of the project, and to embody those details in a living document. The team aims to distill the work of other action teams into written & visual form, with the help of professional consultants and other experts. This document will serve to communicate the vision and feasibility of the project to the community, funders, and municipal stakeholders. 

Decision Making



The purpose of the Legal/Finance action team is to work with attorneys and organizations similar to Save the Farm to develop a legal structure that best integrates the interests of all entities involved in the purchase of the land. We are reviewing how entities organized as a charitable nonprofit, community land trust, and investment cooperative could take on symbiotic ownership roles. This action team also coordinates how purchase price funding from the general public, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and CDFI’s will interact with the ownership structure.

Urban Agriculture


Wetland Preservation


If you are interested in joining an Action Team, please email and we will connect you with the Action Team leader.