Cap Times: Developers hold neighborhood meeting on Dec. 8th

Read the full article, “A vision for Voit: 1,500 homes and green space on Madison’s east side

“Several attendees were part of a group called Save the Farm, a nonprofit that made its own plan for Voit Farm nearly three years ago. Members continue to advocate for community space, sustainability and conservation on the site.

“We recognized that this 65 acre parcel of land was unique in the country,” said Paul Schechter, a Save the Farm member who spoke during public comment. “We came up with a lot of really inspirational ideas, groundbreaking and different ways of doing development … an urban farm that is the centerpiece, with housing around it.

“What I’m seeing today is a grid network of roads and housing that is identical to the rest of the city. It’s effectively status quo.”

Lance Green identified himself as co-chair of the Friends of Starkweather Creek. He said his group was “glad to hear the emphasis on saving green space.”

“We want to make sure that the land does get put away in perpetuity for conservation,” Green said of that green space. He noted that near the project is Starkweather Park, a conservation park.

“Nobody really even knows or goes to that park yet,” Green said. “And once you guys do all this, it will be available to the public like it’s never been before.””

The meeting is now available to view online via the City of Madison website.

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